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A world of women and men fully connected to their voices, their stories, and embodying their authentic selves?

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That is a world WE want to live in. A person who discovers what it is to be fully expressed musically discovers what it is to be a fully expressed human.

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We help people invite their orphaned music back to the family dinner table, and we see it lead to greater satisfaction in all aspects of life. Amy is a testament of our work… she went from never having sung or written a song, to having an full album coming out that integrates her message of empowering women to speak up and BE themselves in the world.

A successful investment banker, Chris had always played in bands but left music behind to get a 'real job. His voice and his music felt left to the wayside. By creating his Renaissance Human album with us, music again is an integrated part of his life.

Told as a child not to sing , Sadie was well known as the mohawked yogi, but she felt the absence of music and her voice too strongly to ignore. Whether you journey with us privately or as a group, Stage 9 of the Songwriter's Journey culminates in a deep dive recording retreat with the brothers and your full SWJ team in Ojai, California.

We have found that this act of leaving the 'normal life' behind and dropping into this sacred valley allows our artists to access previously untapped aspects of their story and voice. The Retreat is your time to fulfill the commitment of our journey together, your commitment to yourself, and your commitment to be heard.

Those on the private six-month journey will stay on 30 acres of working orange orchard in our SWJ retreat house. Meeting the Mentor And at this moment or, well, not necessarily, it can happen earlier or later , when the Hero needs guidance to keep moving forward, he meets a Mentor who will offer him help and advice, as well as teach the ropes of the Special World. For example Hagrid, coming in and taking Harry directly, explaining everything that the boy needs to know.

In Brothers, the mentor is the older brother — Naia.

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  • THE JOURNEY — Brothers Koren.

This will come back in an awesome way later. In Brothers, this is the moment when the two meet a big troll. Up until this point the brothers were in their familiar world — the village and its outskirts, but here is where their meeting with the unknown starts. The troll is friendly and helps the brothers get into a huge underground cavern, which is our first foray into the Special World.

This part of the journey is the biggest stage where most of the development comes in. The Hero will meet their allies, learn who their enemies are, pass obstacles that are thrown their way. This is the stage where the Hero gets accommodated with the Special World and its rules, as he approaches the end goal of the quest. So, Harry Potter meeting Ron and Hermione, as well as getting a rival in form of Draco and learning more about Voldemort. In Brothers, this is most of our Journey through the Special World — an underground cave full of ogres, a dark forest, mountains, a castle belonging to a huge giant.

This is also where the brothers first meet a griffin. What should be pointed out here, is that every being that brothers meet on their way, — their allegiance is very clearly defined. Those who seem friendly, like the troll or the kind scientist or the griffin — are friendly.

Those who seem like enemies, — the wolves who want to eat you, the ogres, dangerous live trees, — are enemies. This is very important for the next couple parts of the journey. Approach to the Innermost Cave Innermost Cave is either a location or just a point in the story where the Hero will face their biggest threat, danger, or inner conflict that they have to overcome.

This step is about making final preparations or overcoming challenges as they get to that cave and tension rises. In Brothers, this section starts when Naia and Naiee stumble upon a girl about to be sacrificed. The two save her, and she agrees to show them the way to the Tree of Life, guiding them through a desolated ice lake, and a city where in a midst of battle everybody has turned into snow, with an invisible giant roaming and eating everyone it can find.

The Ordeal The Supreme Ordeal is where the Hero faces death, — a terrible danger or a deep inner crisis. Hero must use all the skills learnt throughout the adventure to overcome it, and everything is put on the line here — Hero is either going to die, or live on.

The Space Brothers - The Same Journey (Mark Sherry Remix)

In Brothers, the girl leads the two characters into a suspicious cave. Though, sadly, Naia, the older brother, is mortally wounded in the process. Reward After passing the Ordeal and overcoming the biggest personal challenge yet, the Hero transforms into a new state, becoming a better person and getting a reward.

Wilderness part 1 buy track 9. Wilderness part 2 buy track The Inventor buy track Mountains buy track Flight into Memories buy track Giants buy track Frozen World buy track Webbed buy track Water of Life buy track Naia buy track Winged Hope buy track We compile and publish the soundtracks connected to Overkill's and Starbreeze's games. Streaming and Download help. Journey by Austin Wintory.

Gil Dudson and Salford's Band of Brothers keen to complete special journey - Mirror Online

Beautiful, euphoric soundtrack full of mystery. Minecraft - Volume Alpha by C This soundtrack is so calming and soothing. I love listening to this when I want to relax. And it fits Minecraft perfectly. The Banner Saga by Austin Wintory. Inner music, reflecting on choices Gao, feat. Laura Shigihara.

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Explore music. Moses The journey into a strange, unfriendly land. The striking waterfalls and forests. The shadow of potential death, and the fevered anxiety that it brings. The bereft loneliness of leaving loved ones behind