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One of the most common and easiest ways of buying and selling stocks, mutual funds, and bonds is through a brokerage house. Brokerage firms typically require you to open an account with them and deposit a certain amount of funds as a show of good faith. Brokerages are popular because they rather than you do much of the behind-the-scenes work, such as completing the necessary paperwork and ensuring timely dividend payments.

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Choosing the right broker is an important first step for new investors. Because of the personal relationship that often develops between investor and broker, full-service brokers typically call their clients and provide recommendations for buying or selling particular securities. Discount brokerages have become increasingly popular with investors thanks to ever-decreasing commission fees. These brokerages, like large supermarkets, offer investors a huge selection at a low cost. However, investors have to do most of the work themselves.

At almost all discount brokerages, you can buy stocks, bonds, or mutual funds either by calling one of the investment representatives—who will collect a commission—or completing the transaction yourself online. Either way, you'll need to enter an order ticket, which states the type of security you want to purchase bond, stock.

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Upon proper completion of the order, the order is sent to the exchange , where the stock, bond, or mutual fund is bought or sold at whatever terms are on the order ticket. More often than not, the method of transacting directly with the issuing company is more difficult than buying and selling securities through a broker; albeit transacting directly does have advantages. When evaluating this transaction method, the first thing to consider is whether you are comfortable holding the securities yourself?

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When you buy stocks or bonds directly from the issuer , they will be held in certificates, either in registered or bearer form. If your purchase is in bearer form, the issuing entity does not keep any records of transactions, which means that you are responsible for the safekeeping of the security.

This issue doesn't arise with mutual funds because you don't actually hold units individually. Secondly, do you need access to the funds immediately? With the sale of mutual funds, you typically can receive cash three days after the transaction date. They suggest wildlife trade policies linked to transnational agreements in the hopes economic incentives for protection rather than exploitation can help local communities.

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