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Somebody's not happy with their present and Maud takes a face dive into the Christmas turkey. Who killed her? It could be No preparation required - just add friends!

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Sir Richard Flyson is holding an exclusive garden party and barbeque at his summer residence to demonstrate his latest invention - a vacuum powered strimmer called the Vrimmer. But when Sir Flyson flicks the switch - well, let's just say the sausages New for ! Wilson Perkins lies dead in your operating theatre. Time is running out to Murder Mystery Date Night.

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Politics can be a dangerous game. But for newly elected mayor Richard Ballantyne, it's deadly Play the roles of campaign manager Ali Lewis and vice candidate Eden Green to solve Ballantyne's murder. Soon, you realise Everybody loves Celeste. The only reason anyone comes to Bar Nine is to hear her sing.

Untangling her complicated love life is one thing. Catching her Sold out. The Casa Nova Hotel in Havana, in , is where the rich and famous come to relax and play. This is the height of the season but not everything has gone according to plan. Yesterday evening, the hotel manager, Rico Ricardo, was found dead. And if - as the police believe - he's been murdered, that Painton Place is an 18th-Century house built by Sir John Painton, the first baronet, in Rutting-on-the-Rise, a beautiful if isolated corner of Norfolk.

It's just the place to spend a couple of days on a cooking holiday - a weekend mini-bake, as it's advertised. But the rural tranquility is It's 15 April , Easter Sunday, and Paris is the centre of world attention as millions of visitors arrive for the opening this weekend of the International Exposition.

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  • Amongst them is an elite but diverse group of individuals staying at the Hotel Paradiso. As they gather for dinner, however, the October Morocco is a colony of France governed by the Vichy French regime. The guest of honour was to have been France's greatest living mime artist.

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    He fails to arrive, he has been murdered. It's the Summer of Love, July , and London still swings like a pendulum do. In the Chelsea home of Lord Michael Jagged, a select group of fashionable young things have spent the weekend drinking champagne and partying. As the guests gather for dinner on Sunday evening, however, they are met Casablanca, October An oasis of peace in a world at war. Civilians, combatants and refugees of all nationalities live together in a state of tense suspicion.

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    But not even Casablanca is immune to personal tragedy. Last night the Mayor of It's and as Europe recovers from the horrors of the Second World War, perhaps one more death shouldn't amount to a hill of beans. But when the body of a beautiful young woman is found on a private beach in Monte Carlo, it turns into an international sensation. The beach can only be reached Murder Ahoy! A swashbuckling murder mystery set in the tropical waters of the Caribbean. Captain Mugwash and his pirate crew are shipwrecked on a desert island where they find a buried treasure chest.

    But during a drunken celebration on the beach the Captain is discovered slumped over the chest, murdered! Platinum Murders by D'Avekki Studios. End of line DVD version - limited stock!

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    But before his guests can toast his success, he is found dead in the stables, strangled with his own whip! Meanwhile, Gloria and the player searched the library for more information on Ad Astra and found an entire volume on the secret society. Per Gabriel , the volume was an Ad Astra manifesto stating that those who were physically and intellectually superior deserved to control the rest of society who were better off without the burden of decision-making, a philosophy reflected in Rozetta Pierre 's actions with DreamLife.

    After finding out that Professor Kevin Charles had introduced the concept of "selective superiority" to Rozetta, the team grilled him about Ad Astra. Kevin said that Ad Astra started as a group consisting of Rozetta and her like-minded peers talking about the future of humanity, which she started per his encouragement. However, he became uncomfortable with how they wanted to put the theory of selective superiority into practice. The team then asked for his help in identifying the society's current members, but Kevin said that he had been done associating with the group years ago.

    After all the events, the team began suspecting that the new Ad Astra had something to do with Rozetta's plans, making the team resolve to investigate further into the matter. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Bradley Fields. Gunnar Burns. John McKenzie. Lucius Roth. Miranda Cohen. Donna Walker.

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    Kevin Charles.