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Saga chapitre 1 french edition.

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What Can The Matter Be? Scammell recorded five personal records in Written in when he was only 15 years old, "Squid Jiggin' Ground" became one of Newfoundland's best known folk songs.

We will play it on the Bidder Request Show. Gerald Doyle was a hugely successful businessman in the prescription drug trade as well as an avid researcher and promoter of Newfoundland heritage in print and song. He financed the Scammell recordings as well as those made by the Commodores Quartet. Br CoPers P University Rec Corp Note that in many cases the label name is relatively unimportant, though it can often shed light on the source, studio or purpose behind the recording.

On the other hand, there are numerous instances where loose labels appear to have been attached to totally unrelated discs. In such cases, the typed or written information may be valuable, but the label itself is irrelevant. Unless otherwise mentioned in the individual listings, all recordings may be assumed to be lacquer-coated aluminum discs, regardless of the label name see previous comment. Pay close attention to the recording speeds as noticed in the header line for each category.

In the case of broadcast airchecks whether radio or television , 78 rpm discs will generally feature one selection per side and would therefore not represent complete shows unless multiple sides are involved. On the other hand, 33 rpm recordings can generally be assumed to represent complete programs unless otherwise noted. In these cases, a representative song or two might be listed, but one may expect that other selections would be included in the show as well.

The number of records included is shown in brackets whenever there is more than one disc in the lot.

Therefore, [2 ss] would indicate that you would receive two single sided discs. Quality is noted as follows: Note that though the majority of these are radio airchecks, there are some TV airchecks and non-broadcast recordings as well. Some of these were very difficult in some cases impossible to identify; if something turns out to be other than described, please let us know and we'll make it right.

Nico Santos - Rooftop (Musikvideo Parodie) - Julien Bam

Due to the very nature of these recordings, the following listing is probably rife with misspellings so we extend our apologies ahead of time! Call or email if you have questions. With a little bit of sleuthing, someone could probably track down the artists involved.

The Epigenetics Mountaineer

All of the sides in this Master section are professional studio recordings; no idea if any of them are unissued. Out Of This World Pro qual; lacquer master disc for a 12" 33 rpm; lbl stamped ; appears to be sd 2; original cast recording Frankie Laine: There Goes My Heart Pro qual; lacquer master disc for a 10" 78 rpm; mx? Rudy talks about Modern Dance Music and his band! Chevalier does a Bing imitation! Body And Soul Low volume; rec on sd 1 only Silvertone 1 My Pam's Vacation a party at the "Bagley's" featuring drunk guests, laughter, underarm noises and pno background!

The recordings on these discs were not to leave the studio and would never have been available to the public unless one of the takes ended up in the final cut of the film and was subsequently released as a soundtrack recording. Cuts are likely to have a certain amount of studio chatter, such as the announcing of scene and take numbers, the strike of the clapboard, shouts from the director, "quieting on the set" and general chit-chat. Sometimes you'll hear "breakdowns;" where an actor or singer flubs a line.

Because no more than four or five copies would have been pressed of any given disc and all discs were to be destroyed after the film was produced , any that exist today are almost certainly unique. Obviously, those featuring notable artists are particularly desirable especially if they are performing songs or musical selections that never made it to the final cut. For more information on these film industry relics, see the notes printed on page 20 of Nauction These 12" discs were pressed by RCA Victor on Victrolac, which can develop a hazy film that is relatively easy to clean off with a bit of ammonia.

This will improve the sound quality and possibly even the grade.

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They have white Victor scroll labels that simply say "Sample Record. A record would be played back through studio speakers as the artist lip-synched to it while a separate feed recorded the audio track onto the film. Original sleeves with studio notes are included.