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One year after joining the Legion of Angels in New York City, Leda Pierce returns home to visit her family in Purgatory, a rough and rugged frontier town that borders the plains of monsters. Together with her angel lover Nero, she sets out to save them. Shifter's Shadow , the fifth book in my Legion of Angels series, is now available! Story Description: Next to the powers of heaven and hell, we are nothing.

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It was no wonder that they saw us as insignificant. Their victory, however, comes at a heavy price. And the secret they uncover will upset the balance of power between Earth and heaven. There were so many wonderful ideas, and I wish I could have written them all.

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It is exclusively available as a free bonus in my newsletter. Dark magic is brewing at the New York University of Witchcraft.

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Witch-in-training Bella teams up with angel Harker Sunstorm to get to the bottom of it. Wicked Witchcraft is a new short story set in the Legion of Angels world. I hope to add more LoA world stories for my fans in the future. Soon I'll be writing another short story set in the Legion of Angels world. Please comment here to let me know which character you'd like to see star in this story. Dragon's Storm , the fourth book in my Legion of Angels series, is now available! The supernatural storm of the century is coming.

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Leda can already feel the Nectar changing her, making her less human—and so is her budding romance with the angel Nero. Sip by sip, kiss by kiss, the change is taking hold of her. I suggest you try looking there if you still haven't received a mail from Amazon.

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Thanks so much for your patience! Those of you on my mailing list or following me on Facebook might have seen the drama with my latest release. On the not-so-great side, a pre-release version of the book was mistakenly sent out to early customers those who pre-ordered or ordered in the first few hours after release. This version contained some proofing errors. I'm very sorry for everyone affected. I have been in contact with Amazon to remedy this issue, and they just informed me that they've sent a mail out to affected customers to notify them of the update and provide instructions on how to receive it.

Lately, this has meant jumping from epic fantasy to teen adventure, and then back to epic. Legion was different enough to really give me a change of pace—but it also had all of the things that really excite me about writing. I wrote big chunks of it on plane flights, particularly the takeoff and landing portions where they made me put away my laptop. Clocking in at about twice the size of the first, Legion: Skin Deep is the story of a missing corpse—and the information that corpse knows. See links above.

So there is that. Regardless, please check out the book! Hopefully it will tide you over until Firefight sequel to Steelheart launches in early January. The biotechnology company he worked for believes he encoded top-secret information in his DNA before he died, and if it falls into the wrong hands, that will mean disaster.