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The subscriber's status. Possible Values: any all none. Explosions in the Sky have announced four UK gigs for February Tickets for the shows are available at 10am on Wed 10 Jul. Explosions in the Sky are celebrating twenty years together as a group and are not only touring the globe to celebrate but….

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Two full-length portraits flank the stairway to the Queen's Gallery: on one side Peter the Great, the first Russian ruler to set foot on British soil in , and on the other Tsar Nicholas II, the last. They bookend more than years of diplomatic…. It's not long now until the legendary Lagunitas Beer Circus makes its way to London, with performances, contortionists, aerial displays, acts you can't unsee and music you can't unhear. For a day of freakish fun and frivolity, head to Flat Iron Square….

Sometimes, a bit of distance is what you need. When he was approached to make a documentary about the opera star Luciano Pavarotti, he was by no means an expert.

The story of how tartan, bagpipes, hills and heather became the brand of Scotland is a complex one, fraught with controversy. After all, those things which were systematically suppressed in the years after Culloden were being embraced as the height of….

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The Craft Scotland Summer Show is set to be the biggest ever. Explore precious metal and mixed media jewellery, woven cushions and rugs, quilted and printed textiles, hand-thrown ceramics, vibrant glass, forged steel vessels and wooden homeware. Eddie Izzard is in town not to do anything as obvious as doing stand-up in a foreign language. Oh no, he's making a long-awaited return to the Fringe with a performance of Great Expectations. What that is going to look like remains a secret treat for…. It's shaping up to be the year of Frankenstein.

Two centuries ago, the year-old Mary Shelley diverted herself from a rainy holiday in Switzerland by writing a gothic thriller. Today, her story of the man who made a monster is everywhere you look. The Edinburgh Food Festival celebrates its fifth outing this year and as an added birthday treat organisers have revealed they are doubling the schedule for Taking place over 10 days, the event places Scottish food at its heart and offers visitors…. There's plenty to keep families entertained at this year's Fringe — here are some of our top picks for