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A controversial technology company this week reiterated a series of audacious claims that have outraged scientists around the world. The Dublin-based engineering company Steorn claims it has created a perpetual motion machine that uses a series of weights and magnets to generate "free energy". The system is claimed to break the laws of physics by producing more power than it consumes, and could potentially lead to the development of everlasting batteries. Sean McCarthy, the chief executive of Steorn, told an audience in London that the company had already produced a prototype which ran independently for four weeks.

He also claimed to have built another motor using the system which could produce enough energy to power a Porsche car.

What Will Drive Utility Revenue When Electricity Is Free?

But despite its assertions, the company has refused to publicly display its technology, and the science community has yet to be convinced by Mr McCarthy's declaration. Many engineers and academics instead believe the claims are part of an elaborate marketing ploy. The company has said "free energy" could be generated by a complex interaction of magnetic fields, but experts have likened the quest to alchemists' failed attempts to create gold from base metals.

As well as keeping its methods under wraps, Steorn has been widely attacked for not opting to take the traditional path of scientific review in respected journals. Instead, the firm has engaged a high-profile publicity machine to prove itself.

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